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Picture provided by Dean and Brenda Burkett

This is the 6th Grade class of Woodland Way. Teacher is Mrs. Mildred Vance.

Row 1. Sandra Healey, Fred Blevins, James Gossard, Buck Moning, Dean Burkett, Wayne Hummer, Vickie Hellane

Row 2. Charles Moss, Richie Sharrett, Bob Mann, Kenny Brining, Gary Rumbaugh, Ed Dudley, Eugene Busch

Row 3. Fred Mish, Rosella Stickell, Sandra Lee, Nancy Conklin, Dick Powell, John Young

Row 4. Dick Crowther, Ralph Elliott, Ann Lusby, Carolyn Settles, Ken Dudley, Fletcher Bingaman

Row 5. Pat Clark, Mrs. Mildred Vance, Penny Warfield, Donna Pressel, Julie Ludwig, Nancy Shenkin, Mary Little
Picture provided by Dean and Brenda Burkett

This was taken at Woodland Way when the class of 55 was in the 2nd Grade. However, in this class there was a mixture of 2nd and 3rd grade students. I think that there were too many students for one 3rd grade class so some 3rd graders were put in with the 2nd grade.

Row 1. Kathleen Blickenstaff, Vicki Heleine, John Young, Shirley Rudisill, Ken Brining, Charles Moss, Carolyn Settles, Richie Sharrett, ?

Row 2. ?, Ann Lusby, Julie Ludwig, Pat Clark, Fred Blevins, Nancy Conklin, ?, Patty Fogg

Row 3. Bob Lucas, Dick Powell, Gene Jenkins, Paula ?, Dean Burkett, Carl Horchner, James Gossard

Row 4. ?, Arthur Rhodes, Larry French, Ralph Elliott, Billy Shatzer, Dick Crowther, Larry Kauffman

Row 5. ?, Frank Hollister, Harold Switzer, Dwight Morgan, Donna Pressel, ?, ?

Row 6. Mrs Mullendore
Picture provided by Dean and Brenda Burkett

Woodland Way 4th Grade Class. Mrs Pauline Ryan teacher playing piano.

Left to right. Front to back.

Row 1. Fred Mish, Julie Ludwig, Carolyn Settles, Bob Couchman, Donna Pressel.

Row 2. Dick Powell, Fletcher Bingaman, Charles Moss, Richie Sharrett, Carl Horchner.

Row 3. Penny Warfield (Director standing), Dick Crowther, Bob Mann, Dean Burkett, John Young, Sandra Lee.

Row 4. Fred Blevins, Kenny Brining, Nancy Conklin, Gary Rumbaugh

Row 5. Ken Dudley, ?, Rosella Stickell, Vicki Heleine, Buck Moning
Orginal photograph provided by Irene Huyett

Woodland Way Junior High School. 9th Grade May Day Queen Court.

Carrie Lee Reel, Ann Lusby, Norma Carbaugh, Pat Clark, Donna Catron, Penny Warfield.
Here is another school picture. This is Mr Al Davis' home room. I don't know if this was our Junior or Senior year. Orginal photograph was provided by Irene Huyett.

Dean Burkett

Row 1. Irene Huyett, Margaret Frey, Peggy Brown, Jo Ann Smith, Suzanne Kendall, Helen Cowden, Charlotte Cantner

Row 2. John Palkovitz, JoAnn Armstrong, Herb Sprecher, Mr. Al Davis, JoAnn Mullendore, Bruce Moats, Bobbi Snyder, Tom Johnson

Row 3. Bob Martin, Marion Brandenburg, Ronald Jackson, Carrie Lee Reel, Bob Mann, Delores Glosser, John Young, Bob Souders

Row 4. Larry Sanders, Earl Ridenour, Joe Little, Richard Wolfe, Dave Duffy, Wilson O'Connell, Lanny McCardell

Row 5. Kenny Brining, John Erb, Bob Yancy, Don Snook

This is photograph of Hamilton Park taken around 1947. The caption says 1943, but it is actually later than that. The following members of the class of 1955 lived in the area pictured. Buck Moning, Dean Burkett, Don Frank, Bob Couchman, Gary Rumbaugh, Ralph Elliott, Joe Wolf, Kenny Brining, Ed Reed, Kenny Black
1954 Hagerstown American Legion Team Outfielders.

Ted Byers, Dick Forcino, Dean Burkett

Provided by Dean Burkett
William (Bill) Parsons
Picture Credit
Class of 1956 Website
The Trombone Turoperadores
Jim Hanson, Bill Wolford and Bert Webb
1955 Mummers Parade
Picture Credit
Class of 1956 Website
This the 1954 Hagerstown American Legion Baseball team.

Front Row. Dick Miles, Ted Byers, Jim Jennings, Dean Burkett, Nick Carter, Dave Duffey, Tom Conrad

2nd Row. Paul "Ears" McNeal (Manager) , Tubby Stotler, Dick Forcino, Charlie Barnes, Ronnie Russell, Dick Baker, Terry Strock, Emory Wolfe ( Business Manager)

Provided by Dean Burkett
This is a photo that I came accross it is some of the band members from Washington Street Junior High School I have the names of some of them but I am not sure about the other and I don't know what year it was.
I hope it comes through ok to you if not let me know and I will try again.
We had a real nice turn out today at monutain gate the waitress said it was 95 there.
Have a good day.

Oscar Smith
1953 Band