(?) Mountian Gate Luncheon1

Carrie Lee Reel Breeden
Deloras Glosser and Barbara Lohr
Gary Rumbaugh and Don Frank
Don Snook and Wife
Larry Powell and Ned Crawford
Nancy Lindsey Hahn and Earl Selby
Ronnie and Ginger Lushbaugh
Sylvia Smith Mann
Barb and Bill Deneen
Sylvia Smith Mann and Ruby Martin
Marvin Twigg
Jean Douty and Husband
Marvin Twigg and Lee Snyder
Connie Brewer Shifflett
Wilson O'Connell and Charlie Hewitt
Millie Mullinex Toms and Norma Carbaugh Ridenour
Bobby Martin
Helen Cowden Caron
Gloria Smith Keller
Betty Moats Nichels

Marion Brandenburg Reno & John Mowen
Floyd Kline and Wife
Ron Smith
Bill Burger
Dean Burkett (standing)
Kenneth Brining
and in the foreground - Dick Forcino
Willson O'Connell
Mary Grimes Dahbura
Mary Girmes Dahbura
Adna Fulton
Darlene Weller Long


  1. A little history about the quarterly luncheons - The HHS Class of 1955 has been having quarterly luncheons since May 11, 2001. The first luncheon started with a group of 19 ladies. At that time there were 3 classmates contacting graduates for the luncheons. They were Millie Mullenix Toms, Norma Carbaugh Ridenour and Betty Horst Banzoff. The second luncheon we decided to invite the Guys. It was held on Sept 2001 with 26 in attendance. The next luncheon, Dec 2001 we had 28 in attendance, the fourth - March 2002 with 29 in attendance. The fifth - June 6, 2002 with 52 in attendance. Starting with the 6th luncheon - September 2002, we went to Mountain Gate Family Restaurant in Waynesboro PA and have continued to increase in attendance.
    The quarterly luncheons are on the 1st Thursday of the last month of each quarter. The cost if $8.75 per person - paid the day of the luncheon.