Diane M. Luce1

Diane M. Luce
     As of 1967,her married name was McDonough. Diane M. Luce married Walter M. McDonough in 1967. As of 1983,her married name was Ragus. She married Jim Ragus in 1983.


  1. In Response To A Newsletter Request Diane Replied via Email

    I have not been in touch since graduation--except for having attended the first night of our 50th reunion(and that is thanks to Bob Mann, who was kind enough to track me down and let me know about Gene Bush's passing away), and there is a long story.

    As briefly as possible, here goes: I moved, with my family, to Massachusetts directly after graduation in '55. I attend Katharine Gibbs School in Boston and the Massachusetts College of Art, worked at a small advertising agency and then in Senator Ted Kennedy's first campaign from 1961 to 1962. After the election I moved to Washington as part of the Senator's staff, became Mrs. Kennedy's social secretary in 1964, and remained until my first marriage (to Walter M. McDonough) in 1967. We moved to Denver, where my older daughter, Connemara, was born in 1968, then returned to Washington. From 1970 until 1973 we lived in Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia, where my husband was a Peace Corps administrator. My younger daughter, Amanda, was born there--a nice little souvenir.

    After reentry to the U.S.--traumatic for us, as the Watergate hearings were in progress--we settled in northern Virginia. I returned to art school, the girls grew up. I went back to work as a technical writer and editor for Science Applications International and worked there for the next 11 years. My marriage ended, sadly. I was remarried in 1983 to Jim Ragus, a native of Wisconsin, and we lived in Columbia, MD, until 1989. Jim had an opportunity to return to Wisconsin (near Appleton, his home town), and we have been here ever since. By some miracle, both daughters have ended up in Appleton--Mandy has two stepchildren, who are now 17 and 19, and a daughter who is nearly 9. Of all the names I've worn, "Grandma" is my favorite. I appear to be an almost full-time church volunteer and a sometime artist, and Jim retired a year and a half ago and is a free spirit at last. We get away to our place in the north woods whenever we can--it's an oasis called Mermaid Lake.