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John William Erb
John William Erb


  1. I joined the Air Force with Johnny Ernest, immediately after graduation and in 1957, ended up at Cape Canaveral working on Atlas andPolaris missiles after a one-year tour in North Africa.

    I left the missile business in '61 and changed profession to all lines insurance agent with office on Merritt Island, just south of the Kennedy Space Center, until '85.
    From '76 to '85 Iowned and managed one of the largest suppliers of Independent Agency Software in the USA and traveled extensively for/with IBM marketing the systems. My largest system installation was at an agency located in Hagerstown.
    In '85I joined a Merrill Lynch company as V.P. Northeast U. S. for Independent Insurance Agencies, providing marketing and training services.
    In 88, I returned to Orlando, Florida where I remain, providingConsulting servicesto Florida Independent Insurance Agents.
    I read of Nancy Stahley'sknee replacement and attempted to email her.
    I first met Nancy in the in the 9th grade a South Potomac J.H. after an introduction by Darlene Weller..