Charlotte Cantner

d. 29 July 2018
Charlotte Cantner
July 29, 2018
     Charlotte Cantner died on 29 July 2018; I've just been notified of an earlier classmate passing. There was no obituary, it was a simple funeral with just her daughter and her husband attending along with myself. Her oldest son arrived Friday July 27th and spent time with her until her passing at 10:34am on Sunday July 29, 2018.

Because of her medical condition I decided in 2017 to move her back to her home town where she was born and raised, went to school and where she met her husband. They married in December 1962 and enjoyed a wonderful life together raising 3 children, myself, Michael, who is the oldest, and Robin, who is the youngest. Her husband of 52 years passed away in April of 2015.