James Gordon Hanson1

James Gorden Hanson
     James Gordon Hanson married Paula Ann Jezisek on 4 July 1975.


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    James G. Hanson
    In Response To A Newsletter Request Jim Replied via Email
    Thanks for the newsletter.
    It's good to see names again that I haven't seen in 50 or so years.
    After being graduated from Hagerstown High I went to Valley Forge Military College in Wayne, Pennsylvania on a full scholarship.
    I then returned to Hagerstown where I attended Hagerstown Jr. College and worked for A&P. Then went to work with the Army Map Service (AMS) in Washington, DC. Then I attended George Washington Univ. off-campus program for 4 years. Then to work for AMS as a Cartographic Compilation Aide (the longer the title, the lesser the job). Later became a Cartographer (obviously a more important position) I then Married in 1962 and our Son David was born in 1963. Then I transferred to the Naval Reconaissance and Technical Support Center (NRTSC) in Suitland in 1965, served there as a Resource Management officer involved in programming, planning and execution of command budgets. Our second son, Christian was born in 1971. I divorced, remarried to Paula in 1975. Now have 6 kids, 3 sons and 3 daughters 24 grandkids and 1 great grandkid. Traveled all over the world as part of my Naval intel job and retired in January of 1994
    Currently we raise Nigerian Dwarf goats, 21 current count, in Calvert County, MD (S. Maryland, don't ya know) Also have a miniature horse, 26 chickens, 4 roosters, 3 ducks and a rabbit...pretty good for an ex-Rhode Island boy who thought that manual labor was for someone else.
    My philosophy: Being 70 may not necessarily be all it's cracked up to be....but, it beats the alternative!